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100% Plant-based Minced Meat is now available in 600 Danish supermarkets!

Back in 2010 when I began doing research for my MA. design project from Kolding Design School on the many negative effects related to meat production, a product like this was only a distant futuristic vision. Minced meat is used in many of the most popular dishes which are served every night at Danish kitchen tables.

Recipes for spaghetti bolognese, lasagna, burgers, Millionbøf etc. all call for minced beef meat. When Impossible Foods in 2016 introduced the meatless Impossible burger to selected restaurants in the US it started an innovative process around the world towards more plant-based meat alternatives. 100% plant-based burgers could now be enjoyed while still being able to enjoy the taste, smell and texture known from meat.

However, there was no plant-based alternative to minced meat. Until now! From January 02, 2018 Danish-based Dansk Supermarked Group will be selling "Hakket" 100% plant-based minced meat from Naturli' across their 600 stores in Denmark. This is major news. Great to see this development as well as it has been good to see the many other new plant-based alternatives to animal-based products which have been introduced to the Danish marked over the recent years. Way to go Naturli' and Dansk Supermarked Group! I can't wait to make lasagna using plant-based minced meat at my Grandmom's house next time I visit her in Denmark.

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